At Detail By Design, our concrete formwork drawings include layouts, details, sections and elevations all created to minimize field questions.   Our rapid turnaround will save valuable time on your project.   All of our drawings are designed with the constuction team in mind, allowing the foreman ample detail at hand to expedite your poject.   We use half size dawings (11′ x 17″) and 18″ x 24″ drawing sizes with material counts based on the concrete pour requirements.   Our careful attention to detail and consistent communication with the contractor and/or the supplier make our drawings right the first time-helping you avoid the expense of incorrect or unclear drawings.   Concrete formwork design by Detail By Design, the right choice for your next project.   At Detail  By Design you will get over 4 decades of experience in concrete fomwork design, shoring design, detailing and consulting.   Detail By Design serves the concrete industry utilizing the tried and true methods of hand drawn designs and detailing.



Today’s competitive challenges ae changing the way we do business, causing us to constantly find new ways to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.   Detail By Design will enable your firm to meet these demands!



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